Music from the Swamp – the ‘Matthew Barber’ Edition

Several months ago I heard Matthew Barber on the CBC when he released his most recent eponymous album. Barber’s music has been described as indie, alternative with a few country twinges. His latest album is actually his sixth. His first album, ‘Means and Ends’ was released in 2003. Matthew Barber graduated from Queen’s[1] and then went on to McMaster and earned a Master of Arts degree in philosophy.[2] Music seems to run the family – his sister Jill Barber is also an accomplished musician.[3] Unfortunately, none of his songs are in YouTube so I can’t link to them. Check him out in iTunes!

So, in no particular order, are some of my favourite Matthew Barber songs:

‘Man in a Movie’ – The first couple of times I heard this song was on the Alaskan crusie I took with my mother in June of 2011.

‘Oh Lexi’ – This is a simple song but I love it. The piano in it is phenomenal. Deb hates it.

‘Hawks on a Highway’ – is from True Believer

‘Somebody Sometime’ – from ‘Ghost Notes’ is my current favourite!

[1] I also graduated from Queen’s!

[3] I have tried to like Jill Barber’s music but I can’t get into it.