• I had a horrible week. Last Sunday, I decided to clean the wax out of my ears and succeeded in only blocking the left ear. I have oddly shaped ears with small canals and I have a problem about every 10 years. I kept thinking it would clear. I thought there was just some water in there. We tried everything, warm olive oil, syringing all to no avail. On Wednesday, I had a ulcerative colitis attack and that combined with my ear I was really sick. I ended up going home because I couldn’t stand to be at work. We have some really loud people and all I could hear was them and nothing else. Plus I had a fever and the chills. Thursday, I finally went to a walk-in clinic[1] and he put some noxious smelling stuff in my ear. Then he got this big-ass syringe thing and flushed it out. When it cleared, I felt so much better! Note to self: never, ever fuck with your ears again.
  • Tru is really getting close to the end now. She is fading more each day. She is not in distress or pain. We have decided we will take her to the vet on Monday to say goodbye. She has done really well. She lived two months more here just on sheer pleasure. We thought she wasn’t going to make it past the first week but love and good food really helped her rally.
  • We also just found out that our favourite vet has left for Edmonton! We had just broken her in and now she is gone!


[1] My doctor hates it when we go to clinics so I may hear about it!


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