A couple of months ago, I heard someone describe the Eagles as boring. I was shocked to say the least. There are many adjectives[1] that could be used to describe the Eagles but boring is not one of them. The Eagles paved the way for country-rock. The Eagles sold more albums in the 1970s than any other group.[2] One of my favourite albums was the Eagles Live record released in 1980. The song ‘Life’s been Good’ became the unofficial party song of my youth. Here are my top 5 Eagles songs:

Hotel California – Seriously who has not heard this song? watch?v=NUbTW928sMU

Peaceful Easy Feeling – this song really spoke to the young lesbian in me. It transported me to a place where everything would be fine. I would dream about being with the woman and it was the secret I kept just for me. watch?v=44A9iDQNrss

Seven Bridges Road – The opening acapella sequence is out of this world. The harmonies in this song are some of the best ever performed. watch?v=c-q7Mih69KE

The Last Resort – the lyrics to this song are as relevant today as they were in the 1970s. watch?v=ekytTpFy96o

Desperado – again, another hymn of the 1970s. I wonder how many weddings, dances and events closed with this song? watch?v=0BwOXlGbW6Q

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[1] Revolutionary, ridiculously talented and amazing come to mind!

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