We have had a lot of dogs over the years. We have fostered puppies, dogs that have never been in a house, feral dogs, sick dogs, behaviorally challenged dogs, incontinent dogs…well, you get the idea. I have to say though that the group we have right now are all downright weird. Here goes:


Piper looks like this when she is barking at dogs on the TV

Piper watches TV. She stands there with her little head tilted up and watches what goes on. If there is a dog or another animal she goes nuts barking and looking for it behind the TV. She even barks at pictures of dogs that come on when the Apple TV screensaver starts. I have never seen a dog be able to identify static pictures of dogs as dogs. Even if the sound is off when a dog comes on the TV she knows that it’s a dog. Watching TV is never boring with her!


Sawyer being intense

Sawyer is perpetually cold. He is always burrowing under something to get covered up. He also does not want to eat his own food. He prefers his food slightly used and chewed a little bit. He cleans up all the chicken bones when the dogs have chicken. He prefers to take something that has already been warmed up by another dog. This used to make Molly crazy because he would sit and watch her while she ate so he could have her leftovers. Then there are his ‘deviant’ qualities that involve ‘humpy koala’ but I will have to go into witness protection if I say anymore.


We have the only Newfoundland who does not swim and who hates water. He does his swimming on land. He also likes to occupy narrow passageways with his 150 pounds of beefcake. He is forever being asked to move because no one can get by. And for a dog who has been fed raw meaty bones his entire life, he hates to have to chew any meat off of a bone. He will sit there and stare at it instead of eating it.


Amazing picture of Zoe

So is not so much weird as she is singularly focused. This dog gets what she wants all the time because to not give it to her makes our lives so miserable it is just easier. Two days after he dental she was insane trying to get my pizza. I doubted she could even chew it so then I found myself giving her small pieces. What is wrong with me??

Ruby (AKA Tuber)

Beggin’ Strips!!!

Ruby is still relatively new to The Swamp. She is about as smart as a potato hence the nickname. Ruby will only sleep on a dog bed. This dog will not lie on the floor ever. She has to be in a bed. This is all fine as we have lots of beds around. Somehow she always seems to score one of the best beds in our room at night – even if she has to steal it. She is also a slave to ‘beggin’ strips.’ She will do almost anything to get one. One of her favourite little tricks is to run outside, then back in, and demand a treat. I think she thinks she is smart!


One thought on “Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘I think our dogs are weird’ edition

  1. Neither of us would change a single thing about any of our furkids. They give our lives love, light and laughter. And Sawyer is NOT a deviant. An adult female who is overly involved in, and frankly, obsessed with the sexual habits of a healthy young dog may be considered a deviant, though.

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