I am attending a conference that is partially hosted by the Hilton hotel in Richmond. I am not overly difficult to please. Good communication and people following through with what has been promised and generally not making my life more miserable.[1] So, without further ado, here is the list of the Hilton’s lackluster service:


When I arrived, I followed the directions to the parking structure. It said for hotel patrons to park on P2, 3 or 4. Except that is not what the levels were called. For example, P2 was called Lower Floor 2 and Upper Floor 2. This was very confusing as there were more signs saying to park on P2, 3 or 4.

Three hotels share this parking structure. I finally found the Hilton side, parked and got out of my car. I dragged my luggage to the door and there was a sign saying that I needed to check in first and required a key card to get in. Very annoying.

Oh and the cost to park? $14 per night. Ridculous.

Check In

When I made my reservation, I was told I would have a Jr. King suite. I was happy with this. At check in I was told I could have a smoking Jr. King suite or a room with no double beds. I balked. I told her what I had been promised and she said they were full. After a few minutes someone else found a Jr. King suite for me. I was really unimpressed and it soured my take on the hotel right at the front desk. The clerk was not sympathetic at all.


The Hilton does not have wireless internet! They have an Ethernet cable. I hve nothing against an Ethernet cable except that my Macbook Air does not have an Ethernet port. Luckily I had an adapter. Plus they charge $8 a day for internet. I have not been charged for internet in many years in a hotel.

Air Conditioning

Even though I set the temperature to 15 degrees Celsius it was still hot in the room.


We live in a bilingual country. This hotel is located in a city where approximately 50% of the population is Chinese. On the card advising guests what to do if they want the sheets changed each night is only in English. It is a two-sided card and both sides are in English. Huge #FAIL!

Side one
Side two

The Good Things

The Room

I like the room. The furniture is great. The bed was also very comfortable.

Room Service

I had the best bowl of soup last night. It was tomato/chickpea and it was amazing.

[1] I may be a little sensitive due to a personal issue going on right now. I am already miserable.


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