1. Even before autumn starts I love seeing the leaves on the trees fade and grow tired. It signals to me that the hell that is summer is almost over.
  2. I can enjoy the sunny days without being overheated.
  3. The local food scene in Maple Ridge is to die for! Lots of fresh vegetables, fruit and meat.
  4. The crunch of leaves under my feet.
  5. Watching the trees turn brilliant colours. Where I live, we have lots of blueberry farms and the bushes turn brilliant shades of purple and blue.
  6. The cold bite of the air in the morning.
  7. Temperatures going down to single digits so we can ditch the air conditioner for the year.
  8. After a long summer break, new movies and music are released.
  9. The first smell of someone burning wood in their fireplace.
  10. THANKSGIVING!!! My favourite of the turkey holidays.

What is your favourite season and why? I love autumn and spring the most. Winter comes in third; I loathe summer.


2 thoughts on “Lists from The Swamp: 10 reasons I love autumn

  1. Spring and fall are neck and neck with me ~ I love the world exploding into colour in both of them with the moderate temperatures working for me as well.

    Spring makes my heart race with the sense, smell and sight of everything becoming new again. And in fall, there is a crispness and a sense of vibrancy as everything begins to settle down again. I love the mustiness of heaps of leaves that rustle and swish when you play in them.

    Winter and summer are kinda doing the same equal thing in my world.

    Here there is little snow but cold and rain are painful to me ~ not good. I sometimes think that I wouldn’t mind the snowiness of east coast winters which is nothing like the prairies. I remember the iron smell of coming snow mingled with the salty seaweedy scent of the ocean and the fog rolling in. And I was a lot younger then…. 🙂

    And summer? That’s a bit of a love/hate relationship. My aging bones love to bake in the warmth (I’m a tiger ~ what can I say. Just a big ol’ cat.) and I love the dance of textures you get with sunlight on a breezy day. And then there’s the hot, sweaty smoggy days…. Bleah!

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