I am a TV addict – it relaxes me along with crocheting. Here are some of the top shows enjoyed at The Swamp:

  1. The Good Wife – if you have not checked this show out with Juliana Margulies you are really missing something great. The acting and the storylines are fabulous. It is now in its 4th season and the show continues its excellence. Even if you hate lawyers you should watch it for Archie Panjabi who plays Kalinda. Ahh, Kalinda!!
  2. Burn Notice – this show got me through the summer; I watched all 5 seasons that have been released. The show is about a ‘burned’ spy, Michael Westen, who is basically out in the cold. He can’t travel, he has no access to his money or credit and no job history.  He has a dysfunctional family including his mother, played by Sharon Gless. He takes on jobs for people with problems where he uses his skills to fix things. It took a bit for me to get into this show but by season 3 I was hooked. The best part of Burn Notice is Fiona and her ‘can we shoot them’ line.
  3. Parenthood – I watched the first episode of this show when it started and didn’t like it for some reason. Now, I think it is one of the best ensemble shows on TV. It can be a bit sappy at times but the rest of the content makes up for it. The character development is fabulous. They present current issues in an authentic manner and with compassion. The development of one of the children: Max has been quite astounding. Max has Asperger’s and they do not sugar coat it or have him be suddenly ok one day. Well done.
  4. Scandal – this show was a mid-season replacement last spring. It is another Shonda Rhimes show and it is good. It does feature that rapid-fire dialogue that she is known for. This show is about a lawyer who fixes things for her clients. She also had an affair with the POTUS and they continue to be drawn to each other.
  5. Homeland – this show is amazing! Clare Danes and Mandy Patinkin are fabulous. The content is very timely and it poses many dilemmas. How do you balance national security without killing people in other countries? It explores issues of mental illness, subterfuge, Islam and politics. It won a lot of Emmys for a reason.
  6. Dexter – has been one of my favourite shows for a very long time. Last season it started to lose its way with the ‘tableau’ season that was a big yawn. The ending of that season was anything but boring with Deb finally learning about Dexter. This season is showing promise for sure!
  7. Breaking Bad – hands down this is one of the best shows on TV. The acting and story development are outstanding. The show does a really good job of exploring how people can become corrupt and do things they would not normally do.
  8. In Plain Sight – this show is about 2 US Marshalls who work in the Witness Protection Program in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It has some of the best sarcastic dialogue on TV. While not terribly deep or meaningful, this show is good entertainment.
  9. Nurse Jackie – we love this show! Edie Falco is at her best as a drug-addicted nurse. The supporting cast is equally fabulous.

10. Blue Bloods – this is the show I love to mock. Deb would almost always rather watch a police procedural than anything else. We burned our way through two seasons of Blue Bloods this summer. Almost all of the episodes can be summed up as follows:

–       a crime is committed somewhere in New York City.

–       Danny Reagan, who seems to be the only detective in the city, catches the case regardless of the type of case: rape, murder, robbery, fraud etc.

–       Danny loses his shit as he bumps up against frustrations in solving the case.

–       Erin Reagan, who is apparently the only prosecutor in New York and Danny’s sister, is assigned the case.

–       A fight ensues between Danny and Erin as Danny doesn’t always do things by the book and Erin is very by the book.

–       There will be some type of ethical conflict involving Frank Reagan, the Police Commissioner and father to Danny and Erin.

–       Frank will hold on dearly to his ethics and morals and do the right thing.

–       In this season, Danny’s wife Linda has gone back to work as a nurse in the ER of a hospital. She will now be the only nurse and will treat all of Danny’s victims.

–       The episode will end with a family dinner after church on Sunday where one of the children will ask a question. Last week for example, one of the kids asked what would be done about a man who attacked a woman and Jamie (another son who is also a cop) basically stated that Danny would arrest the man, Erin would prosecute them and Linda would help make them all better (gag!).

–       There will also be some sort of pithy piece of advice thrown out by Danny’s grandfather who also used to be the Police Commissioner. This show does not do subtle in anyway!


Do you watch any of these shows?


One thought on “TV from the Swamp – the ‘I am trying to distract myself from current events’ edition

  1. I am nothing short of rabid when it comes to Dexter and Breaking Bad!
    The Big C is amazing and I can hardly wait for the next season, as well as Sons of Anarchy (Katey Segal deserves her Emmys for the first 2 seasons).
    As a parent of an ‘Aspie’, I appreciate Max’s brutal honesty and realistic portrayal of what parents of Aspies experience on Parenthood. The newest plot-line dealing with breast cancer is of course significant to me as well as a two-time survivor!
    Edie Falco is amazing as Nurse Jackie – even better than her Soprano’s character Carmela. Gerald burned the 1st season of Homeland for me after I saw the number of Emmys it won…It may be my preferred viewing for the coming week.
    Oh – and I LOVE the Amazing Race. I don’t ever kid myself that I would last 12 hours in the race myself, nor would Gerald – but it’s fun to see the world from our armchairs!

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