NaBloPoMo update – Woo hoo! This is day 2 and so far so good. I would also like to note that Beth over at Not to be trusted with knives is also joining in on the daily posting in November!!! Go Beth!

If you haven’t heard Mumford and Sons yet you are missing out on an amazing new band. The group is named for Marcus Mumford who is all of 25 years old! I am astounded at the level of sophistication in their music. Their lyrics mine deep emotional territory that artists twice their age are not able to access. Check out this live performance on Q:

One thought on “Music from the Swamp – the ‘Mumford and Sons’ edition

  1. Amazing grop indeed! Thanks for posting that info because I am so entrenched in old likes, often miss new. 😃

    Maybe I could comment for each of your blogs this month – considering this is my ‘count on one hand’ comment, it is a serious undertaking! Think I will wish us both luck.

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