I have listened to Serena Ryder since she released her first album about 10 years ago. I loved Weak in the Knees so much it had a perpetual place in my favourite playlists for a long time. Her knew album, Harmony, is being released tomorrow. The first single, Stompa, does not disappoint.


5 thoughts on “Music from the Swamp – the ‘Serena Ryder’ edition

  1. Wow, consider myself really lucky to have found you as now you have introduced me to another very interesting singer.

    Couldn’t get You Tube to co-operate and run Stompa, but managed to get Sing, Sing to play. Liked it, a lot!

    Thanks. 👍

    1. If you click on the ‘Music from The Swamp’ link in the categories you will find more artists I have featured. Lots of good music there!

  2. It worked! That is a fabulous song.

    Went to Kazy Bob’s in Langley today to see if he had any copies, but no luck. He gave me a site to try out which you probably know – allmusic.com. Will check it out later.

    Ok, am conflicted buying resale. Want to save money and recycle, but realize the artist isn’t going to benefit. Does it help if I promote the singer with friends? Sometimes it’s no damn fun being conscientious!

    So energized by the song, think I’ll stomp around the house for awhile!


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