If we are friends on Facebook you already know how much I crochet. I thought I would share some of the items I have made recently here.

Realta Afghan – I made this for one of my staff who was having a baby. It is a blanket that can be used in the crib to a single bed. I am now making a queen size one for my best friend Joe and his partner Sheldon.


Baby Afghan from Granny Squares

Baby Afghan

Detail shot:

Detail of granny square

Scarf from Noro Yarn – to be donated to Bully Buddies next auction. I am in love with this pattern. It comes from a book that is full of crochet ‘stitches’ that are basically small patterns that repeat. You can make them as big or as small as you want as they are all based on multiples of a number of stitches.

Purple variegated yarn



Another Noro Yarn Scarf:

Orange variegated yarn


Lovely orange and brown

I will turn this into an infinity scarf. It is made from Diamond Luxury DK yarn:


Another Noro Yarn scarf worked the long way:

One more baby afghan that does not yet have a home:

Baby afghan from granny squares




One thought on “Dispatches from The Swamp – the ‘things I have crocheted’ edition

  1. Facebook and I aren’t friends yet although someone has offered to help me with it. That’s why this post and those pictures are new to me.

    When you would mention crocheting in your blog, I saw little dish cloth thingies! Sorry.

    Love the rialto quilt as the colours are so exuberant. It must have taken hours and hours to create. You are talented. 👏

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