So yesterday the Church of England decided that it would not allow women to become bishops. By rejecting the proposal to allow for the ordination of female bishops, the Church of England looks as archaic as the Catholic Church. The Church of England is casting its lot with misogynists and patriarchal forces.

The idea that men are somehow better suited for high religious office is contemptible. The days where having a vagina axiomatically makes you unsuitable are over. I am not sure that having a penis makes you a better decision maker. We all know what happens when you put a bunch of men in charge of schools and youth.

The fact that there is still a need for this kind of formal decision is disturbing. We are all equal. If there is any hope for organized religion in this world it is only going to come through balance; we are only going to achieve balance when women are allowed to assume our rightful place.


3 thoughts on “Great church you have there England!

  1. it’s all over the news here. sadly it wasn’t the bishops or vicars who voted against this, but the lay members of the Synod.

  2. Unbelievable how an institution can so blindly orchestrate its own demise. Be interesting to know what stats are available tracking active participation over the past years. Wonder if it has the same downward trend as other old, organized religions in the western world? Voting against women bishops can only hurry the trend to irrelevance!

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