I know it has been a little quiet around here lately. Could be the winter blahs. So many current events have left me so disgusted that I just don’t have the energy to engage enough to write about them. Being a social activist or even a human with a pulse has been difficult lately with so much corruption, collusion and crap going on. While I could devote an entire blog with well-reasoned arguments and some research thrown in, I will instead give you my uncensored gut reaction.

Patrick Brazeau – Until now his main claim to fame as a Canadian Senator was losing a boxing match to Justin Trudeau. Now, he has been charged with sexual assault. Brazeau didn’t even have the common sense to put himself on leave from Red Chamber. No, instead, Brazeau is such an entitled prick that his peers had to vote to put him on a forced leave. Of course he will get full pay. I think in cases like this people should not be paid and if they are found not guilty they can receive retroactive pay. It galls me that a senator who has been charged with sexual assault should still be paid! Of course, I am sure he thinks he is totes innocent and all.

Mike Duffy – Another poster boy for why the Senate needs to be abolished. It seems that Mr. Duffy lives in Ottawa. But not wanting to miss a feeding at the trough he has declared his vacation cottage in PEI to be his primary residence. This means that us Canadian taxpayers get to pick up the $30,000 or so he is collecting to support his ‘secondary’ residence in Ottawa. Harper has so few ethics that he is not even forcing Duffy to reimburse tax payers. Entitled assholes all of them.

Juxtaposition of jackboots and flowers. (from a FEMEN protest)
Juxtaposition of jackboots and flowers.
(from a FEMEN protest)

Missing and Murdered Women March – Valentines Day marked the annual Missing and Murdered Women March in Vancouver. This march is an opportunity for us to collectively remember and grieve for the women who have died on the Downtown Eastside. The survival sex trade and extreme poverty in the DTES takes women down. Of course, the conditions in the DTES receive some assistance from serial killers and other women haters who go there to find victims. Violence against women is so ubiquitous in our society that marches like this are not even questioned. Being a feminist who works for social justice in 2013 is heartbreaking.

Truth about the reality for women living in a patriarchal society.
Truth about the reality for women living in a patriarchal society.

The Pope – So the biggest hypocrite walking the face of the earth has resigned as pontiff. Really who gives a rat’s ass? He is only going to be replaced by another white, European man who has no idea what is going on in the world. Yes, there will be talk of electing a man from Africa or Latin America but it won’t happen. Hell, they have even talked about a Canadian taking the prize. Rest assured everyone,  it will be yet another white man who will continue to keep women in their place and maintain the status quo. Oh and have you ever noticed how people sometimes reflect their names? Joseph RATzinger has really lived up to his name.

Sums it up well.
Sums it up well.

Christy Clark – I don’t know about you but I am fucking sick of seeing Christy Clark’s face EVERYWHERE. It seems like you can’t go more than ½ an hour without seeing some ad telling us how great she and her merry band of liars and thieves was the best thing ever for BC. She has sponsored ads on Facebook and Twitter. My evenings are filled with Clark and her ‘jobs’ plan for BC. I don’t give a shit about business and jobs; I want to know what she is going to do for our poor and disadvantaged citizens. She is trying so hard to be sincere but honestly she looks smarmy. I wouldn’t trust her to manage our petty cash at work let alone the province’s finances. Sadly for Clark, making herself so fucking omnipresent means I am going to take so much pleasure in voting for the NDP come election day. In other news because so many Liberal rats have jumped ship, the Liberal’s once healthy majority is down to just 4 seats. There are also rumours of some Liberals breaking ranks and voting against the government’s budget. Bring it on Adrian Dix!



2 thoughts on “A little quiet around here…

  1. Not only did Brazeau force a vote in the Red Chamber, but he showed up on the day of the vote to cast his “non”. The Senate is a relic, and needs to be abolished. As for Christy Clark….one thinks she has sunk as low as she can possibly go, and then she decides to push her son Hamish into the liberal cesspool, featuring him in ads that she must think make her look all maternal and soft. Instead she looks like the opportunist she is.

  2. Christy Clark is invading my home and my life constantly. Her commercials have gotten to the point that my stomach flips and my spidey senses tingle (in a very bad way) the second I hear her voice. I have caught myself scrambling to change the channel. Christy, go away and get out of my house.

    I used to think how lucky I am to have simply been brought into this world in Canada. Now, I am often sobered by the fact that so much of what we think happens outside of our polite borders, actually happens right here in our backyard. Apparently we are too “polite” to talk about it. Being born in Canada does not mean a safe and nurtured life. Coming to Canada does not mean a safe and nurtured life. How very, very naive I was.

    From crimes against humanity, women, children, animals and our earth to every other horror, including torture. We are no longer as polarized, or as bubble wrapped as we thought we were. Fortunately we are not a war torn country, and yes, it could be much worse, but we are not as pretty as we think we are.

    Social media and the internet are often seen as “evil” but I believe it is one of the biggest tools to bringing us into awareness, but also together. Looking at the feminist movement around the world (especially through the amazing images you post) gives me hope. I don’t understand all of them, but the theme I see is all these women standing together, around the world and I know that has to not only be good, but will bring about change.

    I refuse to let the horrors of the world crush me down completely, but on those bad days, I will try to look at how the world is coming together more, and how it is ripping apart less.

    Then I will leap frog over Deb and Chris to get those FAB-U-LOUS red shoes!!

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