Piles of granny squares
Piles of granny squares

I have been neglecting my blog as of late. I want to post about all sorts of political and feminist things but I am tired. I am tired of the governmental corruption, patriarchal bullshit and our politicians thinking we are stupid. The state of affairs for women is deplorable; the dominant discourse is doing its best to keep us in check. It seems that any ground we gain in one area is lost in another. All over the world, women are being raped, beaten and subjugated and I feel powerless. I am still fighting the good fight in my tiny corner of the world but it is not enough. We need a revolution.

Instead of political commentary, I shall regale you all with tales from The Swamp!

• Jesse is awesome! He is doing so well. We have started playing fetch in the backyard and he loves it. He is getting much better about actually bringing back the ball. He actually caught some air yesterday, jumping a foot off the ground to catch a ball. The downside is that he is obsessed with playing ball. He is now barking and whining at the pail of balls on the barbecue. He is a happy, happy boy!
• Gracie has also come leaps and bounds. Her anxiety-based chewing on herself has lessened a great deal. The key is to keep her brain stimulated and lots of love and attention. Luckily she landed at The Swamp where all of this is abundantly available. She loves to cuddle with us (mostly Deb) although I do get my daily cuddles too. This dog never stops moving. She wants to play all the time. Her toilet training has improved greatly and she seems settled for the most part. She still does not like going in the car. I think she associates the car with bad things although who can really know. She whines and cries the whole time. Hopefully she will begin to realize that trips in the car mostly end at the dog park and then she comes home.
• Everyone else is doing well. Zoe still has quite the spring in her step given her age. Piper has lost a little more weight and is looking like a skinny pug these days. I have been taking her to work once a week and she really enjoys it. She gets to be the centre of attention for a whole day. Sawyer and Kiefer are also doing well. They like to cuddle together in odd positions!
• I have discovered David’s Tea. Oh my god is all I can say! The Earl Grey is to die for; it is so full of flavour. I can never see going back to Twining’s. I doubt I will ever drink coffee again!
• We have been watching some outstanding TV as of late. The Americans, a new show on FX, is about 2 embedded KGB spies raising a family and posing as Americans. It really does a great job of capturing the Cold War and the tension of the 80s. Justified is another great FX show particularly if you like hillbillies and the American south. He is an unconventional US Marshall. I am still digging the Walking Dead, Deb not so much. Deb is now watching Weeds from the beginning, which has been quite amusing.
• I am making another afghan now. For some reason, I find it very comforting to make piles and piles of granny squares. Then I turn them into an afghan. This one will take a while as I am making it for our queen-sized guest bedroom.


Finished afghan
Finished afghan



3 thoughts on “Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘this and that’ edition

  1. I’m a crocheter who belongs to a group of like minded people who knit, crochet, sew –baby blankets, sweaters, booties, scarves, quilts, toques, etc. I have done many granny square blankets/afghans, and the worst part is putting all the squares together.

    1. I have started crocheting them together and I actually enjoy it now too. I was not overly fond of whip stitching them together though. I guess I am a crocheter and not a sewer!

  2. Great to read your words again. Glad the doggies are giving you such pleasure.

    We have just watched the first two seasons of Justified, and have found it very entertaining, with some amazing actors really making an impression despite some pretty wild story lines.

    Have read all the Walking Dead graphic novels ( up to 17 now ) and the pace is relentless and bloody which has made the tv show an adjustment since it is moving so much slower and has added characters or events not in the original stories. Some moments absolutely capture the story though, so guess that is why I have the next season on hold at the library!

    Thank you to the Fraser Valley Library system for all the great DVD’s available on loan. No commercials and sometimes really interesting features, interviews etc. Might have to wait awhile for your hold to arrive, but worth it.

    Recently watched the Hatfields & McCoys series starring Kevin Costner. Took it out for my husband, but became enthralled by the people particularly the women and their lives during that era.

    Love your afghans! The colours are so bright and lively. I have no domestic skills, so always enjoy the efforts of talented people.

    Look forward to your next post.

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