The canine denizens of The Swamp are doing very well. Everyone is healthy and happy. Our dogs are our lives to put it plainly. I cannot imagine ever living without at least a couple of dogs. You are never lonely when you have a dog (or 7) to keep you company. They make us laugh; they soothe our souls; and they make life worth living. Coming home is like the best of everything when you hear the excitement they have because you did something simple like walking through the door. It is really hard not to feel like a rock star with this much unconditional adoration. They ask very little of us: good food, warm beds, love, and vet care and in exchange they give us everything they have. We, as a species, do not deserve this degree of loyalty.

Seeing as it has been a while, I thought I would update everyone on the dogs. I will split this over a couple of posts. So first up, the new addition:


I am Bull Dog
I am Bull Dog

As everyone knows we are very committed to dog rescue. Most of the dogs in our house have come through rescue, most often seniors, palliative or special needs. Every so often[1], we like to get a healthy puppy. A puppy we can raise to be the dog we want. In Stevie’s case, we had wanted an English Bulldog for a very long time. They don’t come into rescue very often so after waiting for a couple of years we decided to find a breeder. In August, we welcomed Stevie Ray[2] to the family.

True to her breed she has a great sense of humour. She makes us laugh with her antics all the time. My personal favourite is when she beaches her bad self on her back and then barks and growls at no one. She does not like to be cuddled at all although she will put up with it long enough to get kisses. She seems pretty smart for an English Bulldog[3] which is a blessing. Toilet training is coming along quite well.  She is so much fun. Her favourite activities are playing bitey face with Gracie and Sawyer, harassing Jesse[4] and stealing balls while we play fetch.


Piper is doing very well. She is 8 this year! It is so hard to believe how quickly the time flies. She has almost lost all of the weight the vet recommended after her surgery. She is looking downright svelte these days.[5] She has been to the vet for a baseline blood test and she is very healthy. Her teeth are fabulous. While she can be quite standoffish at times, she definitely commands her fair share of attention. She continues to watch TV with us and now barks at gunshots and explosions.[6]


You will love me!!!
You will love me!!!

Ok, can you say emo[7] pit bull? He has been trying to be so close to me all the time that it feels like he would like to crawl inside.[8] He continues to do very well on his tramadol for pain. He loves to play fetch for hours if you will let him. We do have to monitor how much he plays as it can cause him pain. We give him metacam when he over does it. He loves the raw diet here at The Swamp and he has become an excellent raw eater.[9]

That’s it for today, check back tomorrow for the rest of the crew’s updates!

[1] In this case it has been 8 years since we got a healthy puppy.

[2] Her name has several sources: Stevie Nicks and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Her full name is Stevie Raylan

[3] The breed is not known for its intellectual prowess.

[4] She is DETERMINED that he will LOVE her!

[5] Or as svelte as a pug can ever look.

[6] I think it might have been the Burn Notice marathon from summer 2012 that caused this.

[7] I cannot take credit for this nickname. Deb came up with it.

[8] He has taken to laying pressed up against my reclining chair which makes reclining or unreclining very difficult. Forget trying to stand up with a pit bull stretched across the floor in front of you!

[9] When he first arrived he wouldn’t eat anything raw.


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