Continuing on with dog updates!


Kiefer continues to be, well, Kiefer. Everything is half an hour later[1] and given that he is a Newfoundland he may come by this honestly. We will let everyone out and back in and then settle in to our chairs. Usually about 20 minutes he will bark to go out. Never mind that he was in the room when everyone went out and he didn’t bother. We really should just make him go out but he seems to be going deaf so getting his attention has become a bit difficult. Even if we send him out with everyone else he won’t come in. And, like clockwork, he will bark to come back in 20 minutes later. He also has an amazing skill to lie in the narrow passageways in our house like between Deb’s chair and the bar. I have become an expert at stepping over and going around Kiefer. Lucky for him he is a beautiful boy with a kind personality. He also had blood work done as a baseline a month ago and he too is very healthy.



Sawyer in the sun this morning
Sawyer in the sun this morning

If there is a patch of sunshine in our house you can bet that Sawyer will be in it. He is heat seeking little missile. He has his own[2] heated blanket on the couch that he uses throughout the year. He likes to get under it and snooze. He continues to make Deb crazy with his eating antics. He does not eat like a normal dog. He seems to like ‘used’ food so Deb spends her time trying to get half-chewed chicken legs away from Zoe so she can give them to Sawyer. Most of our dogs would kill for a meal of hamburger and rice, not Sawyer. Deb even makes him a ‘special’ bowl of mostly meat as she insists he doesn’t like the rice. She cuts his meat up into little pieces because she is sure he doesn’t like big pieces.[3] She will even cut up her food and deliver it to him while he is under the blanket and then he turns it down. Sawyer adores Stevie Ray and the feeling is mutual. They like to play bitey-face for hours at a time.

Sawyer with Jesse
Sawyer with Jesse


We have been working hard on reducing Gracie’s anxiety. She had a rough life up until she went to SAINTS and then came here. She still chews on herself although she is doing it less now. The chewing seems to escalate right after she has been groomed. I am not sure if it is because of the shampoo or something irritating her skin or if it is increased stress because she went to the groomers. She is a cuddle-bug who is most happy when she is on her back in Deb’s arms. Deb literally spends hours holding Grace and rubbing her belly all to reassure her that we are not going anywhere. Hopefully, one day, she will realize she is home and safe and nothing bad is going to happen to her anymore.


Zoe remains the reigning matriarch of the house. At 14 years old she does not seem to be slowing down at all. She still runs down the stairs so fast her tail goes in circles. She had blood work done and is still doing well for a dog who has been on Lasix for 18 months. Her lungs and heart are also still doing very well. She continues to rule over everyone in the house. Zoe is still the master of getting what she wants. She has mastered her begging skills to ensure that she gets the largest portion of my food whenever I eat something. Hell, she even barks at me when I don’t have something just in case I do. We adore our old Shih Tzu and we are thankful to Turtle Gardens for bringing her into our lives four years ago.


[1] Unless it is time to eat in which case he is often half a day early!

[2] Well, it used to be mine.

[3] Even though I have given him a big piece to eat when she wasn’t home and he did just fine with it.


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