1. Never being too hot – I am built for comfort, not speed. I also have an autoimmune disease, which means I am prone to fevers and many other weird symptoms. Heat makes everything more difficult. Even staying in our relatively cool house exhausts me. In the winter, I am able to do more and I am far more comfortable.
  2. The tourists are gone – we live in farmland and with many people wanting to find ‘local’ food it means that our area is overrun with traffic and people. Once the annual ‘pumpkin patches’ are done for the year there is a marked decrease in the amount of people on our back roads and clogging up our local stores.
  3. Coats with pockets – I love having a coat with pockets! It makes it so much easier to get stuff out of your hands.
  4. Sun – I can actually enjoy the sun when we get it here on the wet coast. I love the feeling of it on my face while the air around me is cool.
  5. Heating pads – because of my autoimmune disease I have sore muscles and joints that are made better by heating pads. In the winter I can use them with abandon!
  6. Long evenings at home crocheting – I love the long evenings and spending my time crocheting. I can crochet more substantial things like afghans as they are not too hot on my lap.
  7. Warm socks and substantial shoes – Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing sandals as much as anyone. But there is something really comforting/comfortable about wearing heavy shoes and wool socks.
  8. Hats – Wearing hats in the winter serve two purposes: keeping your head dry and covering up bad hair. I have really bad hair so it is nice to be able to just cover it up on a bad day.
  9. Comfort food – I love making soups and stews and the winter is the ideal time for it. I seem to want to create the most perfect stock these days and I am succeeding!

10. Sleeping – We have a Juliette balcony off of our bedroom. In the winter we sleep with the door open. I am sure normal people would freeze to death but it just makes us sleep better. Sometimes it can be a little too cold so that you are shivering should you have to get up but it is a small price to pay!

What are some of your favourite things about the upcoming season?


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