Late last night, this came across my feed. My interest was peaked but my feminist anger was brewing. So the idea of this clothing is that it is meant to be there for women in the event that the unthinkable happens and they come into contact with a rapist. Take a look at any list of ‘helpful’ tips for women to prevent rape. None of the tips will prevent a rape except the one that is never mentioned: don’t come into contact with a rapist.

We live in a rape culture. Slut shaming and blaming women who are raped happens all the time. Her skirt was too short, she drank too much, she hung out with the wrong crowd, she had sex before so she must have wanted it now are all familiar refrains to feminists and women who work with women. Now, thanks to AR[1] clothing women have one more thing they can add to the list!

The premise behind this clothing is that it will slow a rapist down as it is hard to get off and made of material that does not cut easily. The first thing that popped into my mind was that impeding a determined rapist will result in the woman suffering more injuries, perhaps even death. Really, the only thing that will protect us from rape is making sure we don’t come into contact with rapists. Most women are raped by men who know them so it is doubtful that they would even be wearing the protective clothing inside their supposedly safe homes.

It is interesting that this has become a thing. I had been thinking that the best way to prevent rape would be for men to wear clothes that do not allow them to have sex when they go out until they can prove they are not rapists. A trusted person would hold on to the key or tool to remove the clothing until the men are safely home and unable to rape a woman. Think about the possibilities! Women would be free to go anywhere we want, do what we want and at any time of the day or night. The government could institute a licensing system whereby good men could prove themselves and not have to wear the rape prevention clothing. Men could go through a graduated licensing system, similar to driver licensing in BC. Now, seriously, this is a campaign I could get behind!

[1] Could the AR stand for anti-rape?


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