Jesse went to the vet this week as part of our annual get all the dogs to vet month that started in September. I want to flash back to a little less than 18 months when Jesse came to live with us. His back legs were in bad shape due to botched cruciate ligament surgery, he had moderate kidney disease and he was in pain. He was unable to walk very well as he little to no muscle mass in his back legs. There was a huge question mark on whether he would even be able to live pain free even on tramadol and metacam. In short he was a mess with a poor prognosis.

Over the past year and a half we have successfully transitioned Jesse to raw from his beloved kibble and canned. He is a great raw eater once he knew what to do with it. We spent time building his muscle mass and making sure he wasn’t in pain. We made sure he didn’t over play and need metacam very often, as it is hard on the kidneys.

When he saw his regular vet the other day she could not believe the transformation. He was much calmer in the office. She said his legs looked great and that he had gained just the right amount of weight. He had blood work done to see how he was faring with his kidney disease. When the vet called with the results it turns out that his kidney numbers had improved significantly as in, almost to the high end of normal. I asked the vet who called[1] what would cause his numbers to reverse so much. He said a low protein diet and good hydration could help. I told him he was eating a diet of raw meaty bones. His only comment was that we should add more vegetables.

Here is the thing, vets, as we know, get precious little nutrition education. They seem to labour under the delusion that raw meat is high in protein. Raw meat is actually 70% water. Jess doesn’t need more vegetable. Clearly what he is eating is healing and nourishing his body in all the right ways. He does not need a special lower protein diet and he certainly does not need more veg in his diet.

[1] We got a multi-vet practice.


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