Here at The Swamp, we have been feeding raw long before there ever was a Swamp in our lives! When we first started we tried to make our own with ground beef, veggies and bone dust. It was a huge amount of work and very little variety. We then heard about a company that was making raw and we started buying from them. Over time the quality decreased to the point that the dogs wouldn’t even look at it let alone eat it. At that point we decided that we would feed raw meaty bones (RMBs) exclusively. At least doing this we knew the dogs’ food was human grade. We found a great store in East Van that stocked all sorts of different types of meat. Beef lung, pig snouts and rabbit could be found there. Once we moved from East Van it became harder to source human-grade RMBs that didn’t break the bank.

Last week we finally made it out to Surrey Meat Packers. We intended to strictly buy RMBs however, we were blown away by the quality of their ground raw. It looked fabulous and nothing like the brown/grey slurry we had seen before. We bought chicken, lamb and beef ground. We didn’t get any with veg as our dogs get lots from us when we eat. We debated the wisdom of buying all this ground raw without making sure the dogs would eat it first.

A week later and we (and the dogs) couldn’t be happier. Everyone has embraced the new food. Some of it is a little different, like the green tripe, but most of them ate that yesterday without problem. We still supplement with some RMBs as it is important for the dogs to have to use their minds and jaws to eat their food. The best part is that Stevie Ray is being exposed to so many different foods and she is embracing all of them!

If you feed raw, Surrey Meat Packers (with a location in Burnaby as well) is an excellent source for all sorts of great meat for your dogs.

Disclosure: I have received nothing from Surrey Meat Packers for this blog. I like the products.

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