–       We had our favourite photographer, Sheena Staples of Big Air Photograpy, back to The Swamp. We have great pictures of most of the dogs. However we have had some new editions since the last time Sheena was here. We asked her to focus on getting pictures of Jesse’s teeth when he plays.[1] See what I mean?

See the teeth?
See the teeth?
And more teeth.
And more teeth.
Our ripped boy!
Our ripped boy!

–       I have to say that even I am stunned by Rob Ford’s latest gaffes. I am sure he thought he was being funny when said he had ‘enough [pussy] to eat at home.’ I bet he rehearsed it in his crack cocaine, alcohol soaked brain and thought it would give everyone some comic relief. Instead it just showed him to be an even more crass, misogynistic jerk. I have said it before: I feel so sad for his immediate family. His wife and daughter must be humiliated. I fear for what his behavior is teaching his son.

–       Something has been seriously up this week with my ulcerative colitis. My pain levels have been through the roof. I am finding very little relief even with strong pain medication.

–       We have started swimming at least once a week. It has been quite magical for me. I grew up in the water. We had swim lessons starting at a very young age. My mother was afraid of water and she made sure that we were not and that we were able to swim. I feel strong and graceful in the water.

[1] Jesse does this thing with his teeth/lips when he is excited about playing. It is so freaking funny!


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