The nice thing about being home is having time and energy to cook. Lately, I have taken up the gauntlet of making the most perfect broth: chicken and beef. There are no recipes per se and it is dead easy. It takes time and patience (think days not hours) but the result is beyond compare. I have made broth for a risotto that blew me away and we are on round 2 of beef with barley soup. In addition to being extremely tasty, the nutritional value of bone broth is unparalleled. It does help to save as many bones from chickens and beef as you can. Storing them in the freezer is a great solution. Here is the method I use:

  1. Roast your bones. Let’s say you are doing chicken. You may have a couple of chicken carcasses to use up. You can combine those with some necks and backs. You put them in an uncovered roasting pan and roast them at 350 or so until they are browned. With beef bones you do the same thing. Although with beef, I like to use ox tails and short ribs. Both have very rich meat on the bone. We also throw in some marrowbones as we often have them in the freezer for the dogs. Similarly you roast them until they are deeply browned and perhaps a bit dry. It is the cooking of the meat and bones that gives the broth its flavor. You can also throw in some veggies like onions, carrots, garlic and celery.
  2. Once the meats have been roasted about 3 hours remove from the oven and put into a stock pot or crock pot. I have used a crock-pot for my last 2 batches so that is what I will comment on. I start in on high to get it going and then turn it down. I then let it simmer for 24-48 hours. I tend to do beef longer than chicken because the bones are so much thicker.
  3. Once the broth is ready strain the meat, bones and vegetables out of it and discard them. Let the broth cool and place in the refrigerator overnight to allow the fat to rise. Skim the fat and you are done.
  4. You can now turn your broth into a great soup, risotto or freeze for later use.

Your broth may resemble gelatin. This is how it should be. This means it is full of the good stuff form the bones.

I will run this post again when I have some pictures of the process!


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