Day 143 – the ‘diagnosis day’

So my old friend inflammation is back. This time, it’s in the breast cancer form. Supposedly it’s very rare. I can’t do any research because Google just freaks me out and gives me more things to perseverate about. It seems to me that the medical community is very good at giving you things in digestible little chunks. I can deal with those chunks. Checking in with Dr. Google will just spew the chunks everywhere and I won’t have the strength to clean it up.

My next week looks like lots of tests and an appointment with an oncologist on Thursday.  Huge thanks to Jennifer for helping us out with Oswald’s care. He cannot be left alone. If you know us in real life and think you can help out with his care when we have to be at an appointment for me please comment here or call or email. We are hoping once the original diagnostics are underway and chemo has started our need should lessen.

I am off of Facebook for the foreseeable future. I can’t deal with the extra work of commenting and keeping up. I need all the energy I have for me. I will still post a photo and any updates here.

I have to have a CT scan and a bone scan coming up. And an appointment with the oncologist on Thursday.

May 31


Days since breast cancer diagnosis: 21


Day 142

We went to the surgeon today. I am exhausted so I will write it up tomorrow. Here is a very bad picture of all of us in the truck. A million thanks to Jennifer for watching the dogs especially Oswald for us.

May 30

Very bad and over-exposed picture of us.


Days since breast cancer diagnosis: 19


Day 141

Today, I spent time getting ready for my appointment with the surgeon. I have my write up of my medical history, medication list from the pharmacy and most recent lab results. I feel all prepared to go. I just wish it was in the afternoon.

May 29

Days since breast cancer diagnosis: 18


Day 140

Today has been ok, at least emotionally. I did a bit of work (I never thought I would be thankful for work, but it’s a distraction). I haven’t cried in 2 days – these are good things.

On the not so good side, I am exhausted. My hemoglobin is low which makes focusing on anything difficult. And my appetite has gone somewhere. I get hungry but then as soon as I try to eat, I can’t manage much. So, I am focusing on easy to eat things and Ensure for the really bad days.

Here is me today.


And a gratuitous pug ‘twinsies’ photo, right down to paw placement:




Days since breast cancer diagnosis: 17


Day 138

Today has been rough. I feel completely devoid of any energy. Even talking is taking more than I have to give. I realize that part of this is because I am severely anemic at the moment. I take an immune suppressant to keep my ulcerative colitis under control. However, the drug is also making me anemic. I have been anemic for a long time but now it has dipped below 100.[1]Because of this anemia, I also have some malformed red blood cells. This is really scary especially with the breast cancer. I see the surgeon on Wednesday. I hope to get some answes then.

May 26


[1]Low hemoglobin/anemia makes executive functioning difficult. It makes you tired and drowsy.

Days since breast cancer diagnosis: 15

Day 134

Not much to say today. I am still waiting and ‘looking’ for information from the surgeon. No call today.

May 22

Days since breast cancer diagnosis: 11