Anyone who knows me in real life, knows that I love my weekends. I loved them so much that if I can’t get Monday off, I am miserable. No mater where I worked, I almost always made arrangements to have most Mondays off. Long weekends became my shrine to regular weekends. In short, weekends were my jam and lord help anyone who got in the way of my weekends.

Well, now, cancer has gotten in the way of my weekends. In the cancer world, unless you are really, really sick, it seems to me that everything stops. You can’t talk to or see a doctor.[1]No one is booking tests and other scans. It all stops. As a patient you have these two long[2]days in front of you where nothing will happen and where you will learn nothing about your condition. It will be interesting to see if this is what it’s like in the treatment phases of cancer.

I need to be distracted for Saturday and Sunday now. I have lined up some work to do tomorrow which should get me through until Monday.

I need things to go back to normal.

NB: If you are commenting on Facebook, I won’t see it. I needed a Facebook break. If you comment right here on the blog I will see it! Thanks!

[1]Doctors need weekends too.

[2]Lord help you if it’s a long weekend.


Days since breast cancer diagnosis: 23


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