Things appear to have gone from bad to worse. Inflammatory breast cancer, at least a 50% chance that it has spread at which point it terminal. The oncologist doesn’t think that me and my “20 medical conditions and 26 medications” will do well with chemo. So, I have a bone scan tomorrow and I am still waiting for a CT. He asked if we could pay privately and I said yes. His response was they may not ‘accommodate’ my weight. He seemed to think that I didn’t know I was fat. I also qualify for genetic testing because my tumour fits into the BRCA1 and BRCA2 so that any of female relatives could be made aware.

June 6, 2018




Days since breast cancer diagnosis: 27


One thought on “Day 149

  1. Having a body-shaming, humourless, condescending jerk as one’s oncologist takes all the fun out of having cancer, doesn’t it Babe?

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