Tomorrow we all go in for in Oncology training. Sounds like fun. I have my first chemo appointment treatment on Tuesday. I am not particularly afraid of the side effects as I live with many of them every day. I do expect that they will be more pronounced and that I will be even more fatigued. One of the drugs starts to make your hair fall out in 3-5 days after the first treatment – that’s a bit scary. Otherwise, I guess I will cope as ok as I possibly can. It’s not like there’s a choice.

I find it very difficult to believe that I have 15 tumours in my lungs. I can’t even imagine what that looks like. When they did the mammogram, I saw the tumour in my breast. I am all set up with wireless headphones and a new MacBook Pro get through at least a year of chemo.

The most annoying thing in my life right now is my right leg from where I fell a week ago. It’s still very swollen and there is not much muscle to absorb fluid between the skin and the shin. I am trying to sit with it up more.

I finished up my Board Voice stuff today by sending my invoice. I am going to miss working there but I was finding it a bit of a struggle – and now we know why!

June 24, 2018



Days since breast cancer diagnosis: 43


2 thoughts on “Day 164

  1. Your poor leg looks as if you were kneecapped by an enraged maniac. I’m so glad that you didn’t break bones, which is a minor miracle, as far as I’m concerned. The fact that the bruise has grown daily since it happened is disconcerting. It sucks, Babe, and you are being such a Trooper. I’m in awe, beautiful woman.

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