So, I would be remiss if I didn’t start with Doug Ford. Ontario, give your heads a collective shake! What the fuck have you done? You have always been the stable centre of our country. While Quebec tries to separate, Alberta having a terrible twos hissy fit over their pipeline and a federal government far more concerned with image than substance. We used to be able to count on you, Ontario.1 Mike Harris was all austerity all the time but at least that kind of made sense even if he did copy his ideas from other governments. At least Harris was smart enough to know that he wasn’t that smart.

Enter Doug Ford. Everyone knows that Doug was not the brains of the Ford family dynasties: labels or political. Ford became premier through an absolute comedy of errors. Kathleen Wynne’s incompetence and Andrea Horvath’s complete unlikeability. When will the NDP replace her as leader? She’s lost 2 elections she should have won. Why is she still there.

Let’s talk about Ford’s treatment of his sister-in-law, Renata Ford.2 The family doesn’t have enough money to survive. All he has to do is give them a disbursement from the will. It seems like the Ford family wants to see her lose everything so she has to start over. She is certainly entitled to Rob’s share of that business, especially after the hell he put her through in their marriage. I hope once this is over and done with she writes a tell-all book and makes some serious cash.

Now, let’s talk about the sex ed curriculum roll back. Is Ford that stupid to think you can pull information back? Has he met the internet? Does he not think kids already know the score? They sure has hell know more than ’tab a goes into slot b’.

The thing about Doug Ford is that he is a vengeful man. Why else would he slash the size of the Toronto City Council. I am sure he’s hoping that some of his nemesis will be taken down in the process. Both Doug and Rob Ford looked at Toronto City Council as their personal fiefdoms, I am not surprised that Doug Ford can not let it go.

Ontario is certainly in for a rocky 4-year ride. Don’t worry, we will welcome you into the fold of sanity once he’s done. I predict that Doug Ford’s time in office will end with an increase in the deficit/debt.

July 28, 2018


  1. We will forgive you the Bob Rae NDP government after all he has repented and become a Liberal elder statesman. ↩︎
  2. Rob Ford’s wife. ↩︎


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