September 14, 2018
Ignore the cream under my nose, it was very dry there!

I had my counselling appointment at the BC Cancer Agency in Surrey today. I really didn’t get much out of it, unfortunately. When I made the appointment, I was very angry and upset all the time and by the time it came around, I was doing alright. I did find out about other resources for caregivers and others involved with cancer care.1

The triage nurse I spoke to the other day at the Pain and Symptom Management called back today to let me know that they would see me. So I have an appointment next week with them. This is very good news as I did not expect that they would agree to see me given what she had said the other day. I hope I can get some relief.

Poor Oswald’s incision sites are infected. So he now has antibiotic ointment and pills. The incisions are quite long. We noticed the infection last night. He is such a trooper.

  1. Through the Canadian Cancer Society ↩︎


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