October 11, 2018I am an avid CBC listener. On most days, the CBC fills the space in my office with great radio content. If I am not listening to the CBC live, I can often be found trolling their podcasts. In short, I am a fan. However, I have a big complaint and it has to do with the legalization of marijuana.

I swear to god that the CBC thinks the world is going to end on October 17 when pot becomes legal. They have dedicated so many segments to everything from youth and marijuana to your grandparents getting their stone on. They have devoted a full week to marijuana coverage. They have examined what happens when youth use marijuana and what it might do to their brains1, they have looked at pot regulations in the US in states where it is legal, how to spot pot impaired drivers etc.

If there is anything the government should be concerned about is the patchwork of access to legal pot. In provinces where access is limited in the beginning, there will still be a fair number of people accessing marijuana on the black market which is precisely what legalization is supposed to accomplish. The government will also be foregoing the taxes they could have collected on that sale.

Then there is the whole question of edibles. Not legalizing edibles means that the blackmarket will continue on which means that the government will not be regulating what goes into edibles, who can buy them and ensuring a safer system for those who use edibles?

The media paranoia about legal pot is rivalling that of when Equal Marriage was enacted. I remember Ralph Klein musing, when Equal Marriage became law, that the sun will come up tomorrow. I predict the same.


  1. In case you are wondering it’s not good. ↩︎


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