I am sorry to have neglected the blog for the last bit. I have been working on a bigger piece that is taking longer than I thought.

I am also likely moving my MAiD date up from January 7. My pain levels have increased by about 50% some days and it’s getting to be unbearable. Mostly, I am really tired and I am so ready to go. Cancer is one mother fucker of a disease. It robs you of so many things – everyday is something else. Right now, it’s good hours in a day. I have gone from 4 to about 2 where I can concentrate on doing things. We are not sure what the date will be yet.

I am having increased trouble eating. It takes me a very, very long time to get anything down and the things I can eat are decreasing. Swiss Chalet is still my go to when I can eat or when I haven’t eaten much solid in a couple of days. Mashed potatoes, corn and gravy is the food of the gods for me. I am still able to my poached eggs on toast for breakfast that I share with the dogs.

Mostly life sucks at the moment. My highlights are watching an Australian series A place Called Home and crocheting dish cloths. I am also still listening to music and playing computer games when I am not filling out form after form to transfer my accounts to Deb. I have never seen so much paperwork. Dying is definitely paperwork intensive.

We are looking forward to a nice Christmas Day with some friends from Vancouver and a prime rib. Merry Christmas.

December 24, 2018

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