I know, you probably all think I have lost my mind or taken too many pain meds but that’s not the case. Many of us with cancer can regale you with stories of good friends⁠1 who have let us down horribly. Sometimes people just don’t know what to say or do and sometimes they are just assholes.

I have been truly blessed by the people who have helped my family preparing food, cleaning, doing yard work, building a fence, taking me to chemo and other appointments.⁠2 I have received messages from so many people. Some people wanted to tell me the affect I had on their life and/or something I did for them that they have never forgotten. I learned that people who I thought didn’t like me were actually intimidated by me and they did want to get to know me. So many people have thanked me for the transparency of my blog and the fact that I am willing to take death on and talk about it so openly. 

It is situations like this where social media shines. By connecting people and allowing them to share our lives can be enhanced by others. 

There was one person who definitely beat everyone. One of my former practicum students got on a plane from Australia to see me, stayed here for a day and went back. 

I want everyone to know, regardless of how you helped us out or who messaged and got in touch, I want to say thank you. You have all made what has been the worst thing that has ever happened to me insightful and somewhat bearable. I love you all.

PS: I have decided to change the date back to the 7th. There are far too many moving pieces to change it.

December 27, 2018
The kitchen instead of my office.


1 Or we think they are friends.

2 I am not listing everyone because I don’t want to inadvertently forget someone.


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