january 4, 2019Writing has been difficult over the last several days. I am not really sure what’s happening with that so I will do a more miscellany post:

  1. I want to thank so many of you for your kind words and telling me what I have meant to you or how I affected your life. Many of these are people with whom I have had a casual connection: Facebook, friends of friends etc. Then there are the people I know IRL. Wow, some of you have completely blown me away with what I have meant to you. I so appreciate the time you took to write to me. I have read every single message. 
  2. I was thinking this morning about how MAiD can completely changes the dying experience. Instead of days and nights long vigils and wondering if this is the time or should I fly home and all the stress that goes with having a terminal loved one. By the time the death vigil starts the sick person is likely bedridden and everyone is trying to keep everything quiet. Instead, I am up to conversation⁠1, I can eat some with everyone, and we can laugh. This to me is a far better death experience than I could have imagined. We’re not there yet but it’s close.
  3. I am looking forward to Monday and I am looking forward to dying. This in no way means that I want to die but it seems I don’t get a choice in the matter so I am going to embrace it. I am looking forward to being out of pain completely. Things are not getting better in this body and it’s only a matter of time where I would be confined to bed. So, I feel like I have picked the best time, made the best choices I could in incredibly trying circumstances.
  4. Speaking of MAiD, I am so grateful to this program and the women⁠2 who seem to be making it work while some of their colleagues take stands against MAiD. As usual, women lead the way in caring and compassion and we are almost always at the vanguard of progress. It is women who will save us from ourselves. 
  5. The port nurses just left. They had a little trouble but we muddled through it together. They need to make sure that they can access the port in time for the doctor Monday.

That’s it for now. I will try to blog one more time before Monday.


1 After at least 12 hours of sleep though so I don’t’ have to nap.

2 I am not going to say it’s only women doing the work to support our right to die on the ground. But I will say that I have only come into contact with women.

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