Well, this is it. It’s January 7 and it’s time to say goodbye. In just under 3 hours, a doctor will help me to leave this body behind and go wherever it is we go.

I have always had a very intuitive relationship with my body. Sometimes when I’d been having a lot of trouble with my colon, it will stop in the face of something bigger. When I got cellulitis, I had no colon issues for 3 weeks.

Now, I am coughing like crazy and my colon is calm although quite achy at times.

So, my friends, I want to thank you for reading the blog and commenting. I am so pleased that many of you got so much out of it. It was not my intention to start a cancer blog.

Regardless in 90 minutes the doctor will arrive and we shall begin the end.

Deb, Angelina, Joe, Rosie – I love you deeply.

Everyone else who helped us out, your generosity will not be forgotten.

One thought on “Day 301 – The End

  1. Chris…. your blog to me has never been about your journey with cancer, it has been about your journey through another challenge in your and your true families lives. This one just happens to have been the wall for you in this level of the journey.
    Know our love has been with you through this level for the last 20 years always and you will never be forgotten cause that is impossible.
    You my dear are a force to be reckoned with… on your next part of the journey I know you soon will be met by all your rainbow kids and that alone will start it off wonderfully….fare thee well my friend …

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