I am a 47-year-old lesbian living in the burbs of Vancouver. I live with my partner and our 7 dogs. I love animals and am involved with dog rescue. I am a feminist.

I have a Master’s degree in history. I love music, technology and computers.

I pretty much blog about everything. Politics, music, ulcerative colitis, dogs, dog rescue are some of my main topics. I am a recent Mac re-convert so I blog a fair bit about my switch back to Macs. I am on a quest to manage to blog everyday for one calendar year however I have not yet managed this feat of self-discipline.

I am also a  geek. I love computers and they love me right back. I have a way with them. I am one of those people who can walk in a room where a computer is not working and it will start sometimes just by my mere presence. Most of the time though I have to look shit up and ask questions.

I started blogging so I could improve my writing skills. Now I blog because I have things to say and I like having my own corner of the internetz in which to do so!

3 thoughts on “Who am I??

  1. Chris I read an interesting article about an ib/colitis study done in Canada

    digression many years ago I was put on a mild tranc for spasiming gut.

    It got me out of the house. Older Dr. several years later said this dose is too small to help with stress and would not renew it even though I said it helped.

    Spasms returned cause I am female and female means hysterical and hypocondriac

    The study has shown a mild tranc does help with colitis/ ib.

    I am crap (pun intended) with computers but will try and cut and past the article in a pm on brindle or if you want to email me I can probably do it easier through my shaw

    I do not do meds but ironically when I was given Vioxx for arthitus it cleared up my female IB
    The arthritus site ( forgot which one) states that colitis/ib cann be result of inflamation from arthritus.
    When inflammed you are constipated.
    On a good arthritus day the intestines are normal sized and you have diahrea

    Now I take Tylonol arthritus when the backpain starts indicating swelling in the intestines.
    For worse times I have novo-naprox a prescription med.

    Anyhow after years a testing and being home bound for 20 years the arthritus meds have helped.
    Could you and Deb give each other a hug for me. I am so upset at the bad situation this winter you both have been in.

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