Go Aussies Go!!!

Apparently, Australia has a team here for the winter Olympics. I had no idea that Australia was such a hot bed of winter sports. Apparently there team is comprised of 38 members. This is down to from the team that went to Torino. Australia, it seems, was denied two spots for women’s bobsled and they are appealing. There is still a chance that the 2 women will get to compete as Australia is appealing the ruling here in Vancouver. There are 11 Australians competing in freestyle skiing. Who knew that Australia produced winter sport athletes. I just checked and yes there are places to ski in Australia. In fact there is an entire website devoted to it. But I digress.

What this post is really about is the Australians hanging the boxing kangaroo flag on the outside of the Athletes’ village and pissing off the IOC! The IOC has ordered them to take it down because it is a registered trademark however the Aussies are refusing to remove it. The Australian Olympic committee is fine with them using it and they own the trademark.

I have to say I think the flag is a breath of fresh air, visually, from all the sleek over-production that has surrounded these Olympics. All of the logos and graphics are very slick but they don’t seem to mean anything. The boxing kangaroo, on the other-hand, has history and meaning.

One really has to wonder what exactly the IOC thinks they can do. The whole Olympic thing is beginning to seem like a whole of dictatorial edicts coming down from on high about what the little people can and cannot do. It will be interesting to see what happens next Friday when the opening ceremonies take place and the planned protest happens. By all accounts the protesters have said they will be peaceful and if there is violence it will be because the police caused it. I have seen the way the police behave in Vancouver and it is not great. The other forces that have been brought in to help are not much better. Hopefully no one dies as a result of the protest.

I really hope the Australians are able to keep the flag up at the Athletes’ village. If not, Mayor Dianne Watts of Surrey has offered to fly the flag in that municipality. She is always classy.

Phoning it in…

I am way to tired and pissed off to blog anything constructively that does not contain a multitude of words that begin with ‘F’ and end with ‘K’. So instead, I invite you to check out this great post by the Wandering Coyote and how she channeled her anti-Olympic sentiment in spite of her local city’s Tourism Bureau trying to stop her! Way to go WC! Enjoy. I will be back to normal tomorrow.