Taming the Paper

We get so much mail. Some of it is important but much of it is not. Seeing as some mail is important it would be great if it actually got opened. Instead it sits in piles on my desk and I just move it around. Finally, the other day, I decided to clean it all up and to start to take control of the mail.

I bought a NeatDesk scanner a couple of months ago with the idea of getting everything under control. Except I never really used it. I have started just now to scan bills in. It can keep track of all your expenses by scanning in receipts and invoices. I haven’t figured every thing out yet but I am sure I will over time. Wish me luck with taming the Monster!

Pet Peeves: Not so Christian?

Some people really bother me. I was at our local, relatively healthy meat store picking up a chicken and ordering our Christmas turkey at Hopcott Premium Meats and just I was leaving there was this guy with a monster-sized crucifix on, in his late 60s I would say dragging on a cigarette. I think he must have been lost as he was accosting people going in and out for directions. Being the good lesbian that I am I have an aversion to large crucifixes as I am never sure what they intend to do with them. At one point, he was bothering yet another person and he throws his cigarette on the ground. He is too lazy to pick up the butt let alone stomp it out. I was disgusted. Then, as I leave the parking lot, I see his huge monster truck, blocking traffic in the parking lot and still running. Some people take up a lot of room in this world and it is really not ok. I hope he is still lost.