NaBloPoMo to the rescue

I have been doing little to nothing for the last couple of days so I really don’t have much to blog about. So I decided to check out NaBloPoMo’s blog idea of the day. Here it is:

Take a random book, open it to a random page, and then post the passage that begins at the top left. If you want to go further, tell us if the passage you posted sheds any light on your life at present.

Given that I am sitting in the living room there are not many books within reach. The only book around is “iWork ’09 Portable Genius” by Guy Hart-Davis.

Creating Custom Styles
When the styles in Pages’ templates don’t meet your needs and you can’t bring in the style you want from another document, you can create custom styles of your own.

Creating your own styles in Pages is very easy. You simply set up a paragraph or some text the way you want it to appear and then create a style from it.

The fastest and easiest way to create a new style is by changing one of the existing styles to make it look the way you want it. So start by typing a paragraph of text – or clicking in an existing paragraph – and applying the style nearest to what you need.

Well, being a technical book, I don’t really think there is deeper, life meaning. However it is illustrative of the fact that I have been very busy learning a new operating system (Mac OS X) and iWork ’09. I struggled using MS Office for a while but they both kept crashing my Macs. I decided to try iWork and once I got past the initial apprehension of things being in different, I really liked it. I find Pages to be a very powerful word processing program. It is even further enhanced by the page layout feature which allows you to work with text boxes and graphics. It isn’t as powerful as a desktop publishing program like Adobe Pagemaker but you can certainly do a newsletter, brochure or flyer.

I am not much into change and those who know me well will attest to that fact. The mere fact that switched back to a Mac after 20 years is very strange. The main reason I did it was because I was frustrated with PCs and the fact that they continually slow down* no matter the processing speed or the amount of RAM. I have been using 3 different macs for almost a year. The only one that disappointed me was the Mac Mini and this is more likely due to how I use computers than a function of the mini. I need to be able to run Parallels and Windows so that I can get into MS Access for work. I demand a lot of my computers. I also have an iMac and a MacBook Pro. I think the MacBook Pro is my favourite. It is extremely responsive and fast. The trackpad is amazing and I love the backlit keyboard. I probably use it more that any of my other computers.

Learning to use a new computer and new programs is really good for the brain. Stimulating the brain cells helps to create new pathways and improve overall function. I highly recommend learning a new skill!

*Thanks to Derek K. Miller for the link to the article.