Ode to Our Kenmore Washer and Dryer

They came with the house. In hindsight, they were probably the best things that came with the house! Our Kenmore appliances take a shit-kicking in our house. There is the normal laundry, the sheets, clothes and towels. Then there is the dog laundry. Living with 10 dogs, some of whom are incontinent, the dog laundry is a never-ending mountain of urine-soaked pee pads, mats and bed coverings. Yet, no matter what we throw at these machines, the continue to work.

They have little blips when something happens. This is when an independent and trustworthy appliance repair person is essential. We have Gary. Gary rocks. He fixes our machines, usually for under $100 a pop. Once the dryer stopped turning. I thought for sure it was going to be toast. Nope, there was dog hair wrapped around the drum so it could not turn. A quick vacuum and everything was better. Once something broke on the lid of the washer so it did not press that little button in. That was a fast fix too. The other night the washer was leaking from the bottom as soon as it started to drain. I thought for sure this time it would be toast. Nope. Something needed to be glued and it cost $78 bucks.

I dread the day when Gary says it is not worth fixing. So far so good. I hope they hold out for a long time because I have heard so many bad things about some of the newer machines. Maybe Kenmore still makes these machines the same way. Or maybe they don’t because they don’t break often and when they do they can be fixed. Probably not much in the way of profit for them.