Lists from The Swamp: 10 reasons I love autumn

  1. Even before autumn starts I love seeing the leaves on the trees fade and grow tired. It signals to me that the hell that is summer is almost over.
  2. I can enjoy the sunny days without being overheated.
  3. The local food scene in Maple Ridge is to die for! Lots of fresh vegetables, fruit and meat.
  4. The crunch of leaves under my feet.
  5. Watching the trees turn brilliant colours. Where I live, we have lots of blueberry farms and the bushes turn brilliant shades of purple and blue.
  6. The cold bite of the air in the morning.
  7. Temperatures going down to single digits so we can ditch the air conditioner for the year.
  8. After a long summer break, new movies and music are released.
  9. The first smell of someone burning wood in their fireplace.
  10. THANKSGIVING!!! My favourite of the turkey holidays.

What is your favourite season and why? I love autumn and spring the most. Winter comes in third; I loathe summer.

Things I love about Autumn

It is no secret that autumn is the favourite season for most of us here at the Swamp – both human and canine. So here in no particular order is my list of things I love about autumn:

  1. It is no longer hot nor is it cold yet. The temperature is usually just right that you can wear a light jacket.
  2. It is cool enough to wear scarves and hats – my new found fashion accessories.
  3. Our bed is hard when I get into it. We have a memory foam bed that gets very soft in the summer. When we have the door open in our bedroom the bed is actually so cold it is hard. I like this feeling.
  4. The pillows are colder when I flip them over.
  5. The dogs can go out and run and not get overheated and pant for hours.
  6. We can turn off the A/C and rely on cold air from outside to sleep comfortably.
  7. Having our outside bedroom door open all night means I get to see the mountains in the morning. This makes me very happy.
  8. I can use a heating pad all night without getting over heated.
  9. I adore Thanksgiving. I love making the turkey. It is my favourite statutory holiday. It is about celebrating things that are important to us without the baggage of the holiday season.

10. I love snuggling down into the bed with all the blankets pull tight around me.

11. I love the feeling of warm socks and shoes.

12. I love looking at the hordes of birds that land on the fences and telephone wires.

13. I love the hunkering down feeling I get as we move away from light foods to more comfort foods like homemade soup.

14. I love the colours. The trees here turn such lovely, brilliant colours. Every piece of vegetation is beautiful as it dies.

15. I no longer feel oppressed by the weather.

What about all of you? What are your favourite things about the changing of the season?

Dispatches from the Swamp – the Beef Stew Edition

You know it is autumn around here when I start making stew. Personally, I am not a big stew fan because I do not like all the root veggies that Deb does. I hate turnip and parsnips in particular. Plus she likes it really thick which I do not. Anyway, I do make good stew. We picked some blade roast at Hopcott as it was on sale for $3.99 a pound. Their beef is so tender, it does not seem to matter the cut. The beef is melt in your mouth good. The best part is that it is local, no antibiotics and humanely raised.

I made a video (I hate how I look on camera!) for the ‘It gets better’ campaign started by Dan Savage. The hope is that LGTB adults will make videos letting queer teens know it does get better. The purpose of the project is to talk to teens about what they are going through and letting them know there is help out there and hope for the future. Please spread the word.

Our yard is continuing to dry out. We are very hopeful about this process. Our contractor ensures us that we will have a useable lawn once he is done. We have decided not to hog fuel the yard when he is done. All of this is very hopeful!

I thought I was coming down with a cold. I had a really bad 7 or so hours and then it seemed to get better. However, my face is all broken out no doubt as a result of the virus. If you watch my video you will see what I am talking about.

I have to say that the last couple of days have been horrific pain wise. I am not sure why this is happening but I need it to end soon.

The dogs are all good. Madison has been getting a little more anxious lately. She pretty much needs to be with someone all the time. Closed gates really upset her and she takes it out on the drywall. Sawyer is continuing to mature and he is turning into a lovely little dog. Mollie is doing well. The cough medicine worked for her. Bella is also much improved. She seems to be back to her normal self. She is eating like a horse so I am hopeful she will put some weight back on and hopefully re-build her muscle mass. She is not giving Deb or Angelina any grief when they pill her. I got her some grain-free wet food as she was allergic to the other stuff.

Why I love Autumn!

  • It is cooler. It can still be sunny but it is not really hot.
  • I sleep way better at night. We can turn of the A/C and sleep with our bedroom door open. Our room is on the second floor so it does get really hot in the summer.
  • I like the crispness in the air. Things seem cleaner.
  • I love watching the plants all change colour. Living out in the country has many advantages – I watch the trees change. There are some especially brilliant colours out here on the wet coast.
  • I actually like the feeling of wearing socks and shoes.
  • My wardrobe expands. I have many more clothes for cooler weather.
  • I like having the fireplace in our dining room going. It helps keep things drier in the house.
  • The dogs are much happier. We have much less panting going on.
  • The beginning of Autumn means that Thanksgiving, which is one of my favourite holidays, is coming up soon.
  • The only bad thing I can think of is that Christmas is coming.