A new kind of hair care product…

Some days getting out of bed is just not worth the trouble. Today was one of those days. I was sitting at my desk getting ready to drink Ensure for breakfast. Apparently, I had loosened the cap and then gone off to do something else. I sat down, and grabbed the bottle to shake it. The lid was mostly off and I wore almost an entire bottle of strawberry Ensure. It was on my keyboard, my desk, the floor, my shirt[1] and apparently some went into my hair. Except I didn’t notice it was there!

Several hours later, I touched the top of my head and realized that the front of my hair was standing up really well and was quite stiff. My normal hair care product[2] does not do this so I was curious. As I was literally peeling the stuff out of my hair, I finally realized what I was pulling out. Strawberry Ensure. I hope no one else noticed!

[1] Most of it landed on my chest. One of the advantages of larger breasts!

[2] Some unpronounceable berry name from the Body Shop.


I hate winter. I hate driving in the snow when other people don’t know how. I hate driving on roads that should have been sanded/salted ie the MaryHill Bypass. I am not a happy camper today. My day sucked. It was too long, too much crammed in and not enough openness and transparency. I think I am just going to shut up now.

Bad Day

Today was one of those days that ran completely out of control. It is amazing how the actions of one person can have repercussions that cascade out of control. One thing led to another and then things just didn’t work out.

My day was also populated by very unhelpful technical support people. I am not sure why one has to repeat one’s self ad nauseum to tech people. I did eventually get the problem solved – no thanks to tech support.

I will now leave you with a very cute picture. It cheered me up!

Piper beating up Kirby
Piper beating up Kirby

Pipes loved to play with the big dogs when she was a baby. We never had to worry when she played with her big brother because he was always so gentle with her!