Detritus from our trip

  • It feels like we were there for a week. We were constantly doing something the entire time we were there. Deb cleaned silver and watered plants[1] while I set up her new TV, her new Apple TV and the Logitech Harmony Remote. It took me 2 weeks to program mine but I did hers in about an hour. We went out for dinners and didn’t get anywhere near enough sleep. I am so freaking tired, I don’t even know if I will stay away for dinner.
  • I did notice that in Calgary, power lines do not run across major highways – they run parallel. Who would have thought that was a good idea!
  • So, I am still getting those WordPress daily topics in my email. I noticed one recently that was asking bloggers where they would put a third arm if they had one. Seriously, what kind of dumbass stupid question is that? Aren’t there more important things to write about in the US like the de-funding of Planned Parenthood or the talk now about the debt crisis? Apparently the people at WordPress are much more interested in extra limbs. Maybe they think people will blog more.
  • Oh my god! We went to Danier Leathers for purses!!! I scored! Deb got a great bag and we got one for Angelina too. It was very much fun!

[1] And a couple of hours later the skies opened up for a monsoon of biblical proportions. I am not even sure how we got back there was so much water on the road.