The Big Green Egg

20110703-159583-smoked-pork-bellyAs some of you know Deb is Jewish. Until she met me, she had never eaten pork. Not a bacon bit or a morsel of back rib. She used to say things like:
“I’ve survived just fine not eating bacon until now, why would I start eating something bad for me now?”
Then came pork ribs. I was making them for me one day (as I think it had been 10 years since I had eaten any) and Deb couldn’t believe how good they smelled. She tried one, and it was all over.
We recently bought a Big Green Egg which is an amazing contraption. It allows you to bbq as you normally would but it also allows you to cook low and slow like they do in the southern United States and it’s also a smoker. It doesn’t use propane – instead it uses a wood charcoal that burns long. We did pork ribs last week and this week we have pork belly. Here is the note I woke up to this morning:
“Ahead of The Swamp’s First Annual ‘take your oinker belly to the Big Green Egg” EXTRAVAGANZA. I thank you both (Angelina and me) for being kind enough to devote your day to creating orgasmic BBQ. I’m drooling in anticipation. No, really, I’m drooling.”
I will keep y’all posted!