Election update from the Swamp

Another short blog as I am on a work deadline…

Harper and his merry band of Con Artists

Stevie boy doesn’t know when to stop playing a broken record. Deb and I were in the car this morning and he was being asked about a one on one debate with Ignatieff. Apparently he agreed to this yesterday. Today he defined the traditional leaders debate[1] as: Michael Ignatieff and all of his ‘coalition pals.’ Harper keeps raising the specter of a coalition government. Doesn’t he realize that he killed that idea when he prorogued parliament?

Elizabeth May

Ok, seriously, why does the ‘consortium of broadcasters’ want to exclude her from the national debates particularly when there is a precedent allowing her in? Perhaps it is an underhanded and cheeky campaign by the ‘consortium of broadcasters’ to bring more publicity to the Green party. If so, it is a pretty brilliant plan. If not, there is really no excuse to keep the leader of the Green party out of the debates.

[1] I will get to that and Elizabeth May’s imposed absence in a minute.