• Oh my god!!!! I touched an iPad today!!!! I immediately wanted to buy two – one for each of us. After a few minutes, I didn’t think I would have a lot of use for it as I have a laptop already. However, I could see how Deb would totally use one – especially the e-book reader. I would find it difficult to type on as it is too heavy to hold unlike an iPhone.
  • It would seem that the Canine Wrestling Federation* has made its debut here at the Swamp. I did not witness the first match but apparently Zoe was up on the ropes (AKA the bed) and she jumped off the bed and body slammed Sawyer while he was laying on his back. It wasn’t a total knock out but he had the wind knocked out of him. Sawyer was overheard saying that the ‘beatch will pay!’
  • Heat, glorious heat! Heating pads that is. I have been sleeping with a heating pad at night for a couple of months now. It has greatly reduced my pain levels in my hips and sciatica. I had been using one but it was annoying because it was made of plastic. Even on low it caused these problems. Then I started to notice that the controller was getting too hot. I now have a heating pad meant for use in bed. We shall see. What I do know is that I have to find a solution for getting heat at night.

*A new league formed just now.