ICBC Hit and Run Coverage

About 10 days ago my car was scraped in the Costco parking lot. I didn’t see it happen and I have no idea who did it. No note was left taking responsibility. I finally got around to calling ICBC today and let’s just say I was less than impressed. After I gave all the details here is the conversation that ensued:

ICBC Guy: There is a $300 deductible.
Me: Why?
ICBC Guy: All hit and run accidents are paid out of the hit and run fund.
Me: Ya, so?
ICBC Guy: Well because we insure everyone we assume it was one of our drivers who did it. So because everyone has access to it we have a deductible so that people will help us find out who did it and park in well-lit areas.
Me: If I knew anything I would tell you.
ICBC Guy: Let’s say you parked on a street and someone hit your car you would be covered.
Me: But it’s illegal to park on a street without insurance.
ICBC Guy: Well there is that but you understand what I am saying.
Me: I am sure you can look at the damage and know how it was caused.
ICBC Guy: Yes but we still have a deductible.
Me: So let me see if I have this straight – someone damages my car, through no fault of mine, and I not only have the inconvenience of having to deal with this but I also have to pay $300? I have a perfect driving record and I have never cost ICBC a penny.
ICBC Guy: Yes, Ms Shihtzustaff you do have many years of excellent driving.
Me: Exactly. So why do I have to pay?

It digressed from there. It annoys the hell out of me when people use analogies that have no basis  in reality. Analogies are the weakest form of reasoning. Clearly ICBC claims phone people do not get training in basic reasoning. He had no clue how to handle me. I also hate non-rational decisions. ICBC, like any monopoly, behaves unethically in my opinion. I can’t stand the constant increase in rates and the difficulty you face when you have a claim. It is going to take 10 days to get into a claim centre. I think if we dismantled or made ICBC compete with other insurers we would have much lower rates particularly those of us with clean driving records. I am tired of getting gouged by ICBC. Perhaps to punish them I may move my optional insurance elsewhere. Does anyone else do this?