The CBC cuts suck…

One of the things I really enjoy about CBC Radio One is that it is current. You used to be able to hear relevant programming about issues today. “The Point,” one of the shows which was cut in the latest round was a great show. Aamer Haleem had guests on who would debate the issues of the day. While I did not agree with some of his guests generally the other one took up my side in a debate. The show was witty and timely. Plus they also reduced BC Almanac to one hour. The second hour of this show was always very informative. I hate gardening but I loved listening to Brian Minter. So instead of having a call in show that would have provided information we were treated to a repeat of Wachtel and the arts where the person she was interviewing made a reference to George Bush making him want to leave his country. I have nothing against Wachtel and the Arts I just want current programming in my day. On Thursday afternoons we will be treated to re-runs of Dispatches – which at the best of times puts me to sleep. To make it worse after Dispatches they are really going to mine the archives and bring us Rewind where we can listen to Peter Gzwoski. I am too young to remember much of him on the CBC. I am sure he was brilliant but I think he has been dead for 20 years, really what relevance does it have for today? On Tuesdays at 1 pm we are going to be treated to a show called “In the Field.” It would be useful if we knew what it was going to be about. The CBC.CA website has no information for that show.

This is really frustrating for a dedicated CBC addict. Fully 1/3 of my day will consist of crap programming with little or no relevance to me or the world I live in. The CBC had been working hard to attract a younger demographic to Radio one and in one fell swoop they have lost much of them now. Most plugged in techie people are not interested in hearing a discussion about Mozart and Shakespeare in the middle of the afternoon. They want information and news that is relevant to them.

We can only hope that the CBC will recognize the error and restore programming like The Point – which in my opinion was brilliant. Podcasts here I come.