Dispatches from The Swamp – the ‘EWM edition’


Derek Hough and Amber Riley
Derek Hough and Amber Riley


This is day 4 of of prednisone for me. I really struggle when I have to take this drug – it ramps up my anxiety like crazy and makes me very emotional. Yesterday I was in tears when my GI doc’s office called and suggested an emergency scope for next week. I don’t need another colonoscopy. In fact, it was the one I had in April that seemed to start this all off. I was also under increased stress at work starting then as well so it is hard to know what to blame for sure. Being bullied certainly makes it worse. Losing my job as a result of the complaint I made about the bully definitely ramped things up more. I was so sick in September, I could hardly eat. I don’t know what the answer is but I am getting sick of being so sick all the time.

We have been going swimming at our local pool in the last couple of months. Both of us love it and it is such good exercise. The only thing that annoys me about the pool are these old, entitled white men (EWM). They stare at us and make us feel quite uncomfortable. Today, we were treated to one of the most annoying EWMs to date. He seemed to relish going up and down the pool with his flutter board kicking his feet above the water to let everyone know he was there. I suspect he missed that lesson where you are taught to kick under the water. Even the life guard was eyeing him funny. Today we also tried out the other pool. It is much warmer and has this amazing water fall that gives the most amazing massage. I just stood there moving my shoulders all around. It felt so good!

Stevie Ray is doing so well. She has learned to sleep through the night without making a mess so we graduated her from the x-pen to a crate in our bedroom. We tend to sleep longer hours than normal so the fact that she can hold her bladder all night is a huge step forward. It has also improved her toilet training overall. She also regulates her food intake; she doesn’t eat more than she needs. This is so different from the  starved, neglected rescued dogs to which we are more accustomed. Quite often those dogs come here and think they have gone to heaven and gain weight. It really demonstrates the difference between a healthy puppy and a rescued dog who has been through hell. Every once in a while it is nice to be reminded that healthy dogs do exist.

So Amber Riley won Dancing with the Stars. I am finding it interesting that the usual flood of post victory blogs and news stories are very quiet. Is it because Amber is a fat, African-American? She certainly did not fit the mould of the usual DWTS star winners. I think she has done so much for young women who have now witnessed one of their own, who probably looks more like them than they look like Kellie Pickler (last season’s winner).

A not so good day

I am profoundly sad today.  I am not sure if I am going to blog what is making me sad. I wanted to blog about the International Day to end Racism but I could not do it justice today. Plus I had to work on a Monday – never a good thing. Maybe tomorrow. Off to watch Dancing with the Stars.

Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘Sawyer is a really good boy’ edition

  • According to Apple after today the world would never be the same. Personally, I expected some great announcement that would change the way we interact with iTunes making it a brand new program. I dared to dream about many gigs of cloud storage so that everyone in the house could access my iTunes library from anywhere else – even work. Sadly, a girl can dream. The Beatles finally signing on to iTunes is big. I like the Beatles and will likely download some songs. However, I do think the world will still be mostly the same. Hopefully, their songs will now reach a generation that has never really been exposed to the Beatles.
  • Sawyer was such a good boy this morning. I let him and Zoe out but I did not realize the gate was open. I decided I needed to get something out of the car, which is completely out of the ordinary for me in the morning, as I opened the door I saw Sawyer. Luckily he did not decide to play ‘silly bugger’ with me and he just came in the house. What a good, good boy!
  • I just watched DWTS and all I have to say is Holy Mary mother of fuck! On what planet does Brandi get eliminated but Bristol Palin stays? Bristol should quietly have an injury and give Brandi her spot in the final. I wish all the freaking Republicans would stop trying to throw this show in Bristol’s favour. Bristol should have gone before Florence Henderson if you ask me.

Dispatches from the Swamp – the Quicksand Edition

Well it is day 2 of NaBloPoMo and I thought how better to celebrate than some updates from the swamp and a little rant by me.

Did you know that today has been proclaimed ‘Vitamin D’ day by the City of Vancouver? We all know that Vitamin D is important, especially here on the wet coast where it can rain from November through April? We all know we need to take Vitamin D but it seems that even the experts don’t know how much we should take. Apparently it is very hard to overdose on Vitamin D, which is good to know. However, I am wary of any of these health claims about vitamins, minerals, fibre etc., because, no doubt, in a couple of years, we will hear how bad Vitamin D is for you. So, Vitamin D, celebrate your day. I wonder how Gregor felt proclaiming today “Vitamin D” day.

Why does Dancing with the Stars keep trying to resurrect Rod Stewart’s career? Seriously, they seem to have him on every season. He is old and tottering and has lost his rhythm. He needs to just go gracefully and retire already!

Our shed is currently inaccessible because we have had so much rain that the mud has turned to quicksand. Hopefully everything will settle in a couple of weeks as the water moves to the back of the property. However, if news reports are true and we really do get the worst winter in 50 years maybe the shed will just float away, never to be seen again.

Back on to Dancing with the Stars, I wonder how the pro dancers put up with these stars? Some are whiny prima donnas who definitely need to be put in their place. I hope they pros are paid very well for doing this show. In other news, we have “Skating with the Stars” to look forward to in a couple of weeks!

I would also like to thank Hopcott Premium Meats for their generous donation of 50 pounds of ground beef to NPO where I work. This donation will help us to feed hungry people.

Dispatches from the Swamp – ‘the give the dog narcotics’ edition

So I was off in search of statistics to buttress my pro-long gun registry position. I remember reading somewhere that of the women killed in domestic violence a high percentage of them had been killed by long guns. I found this lovely quote*: “She said access to guns is one of the top risk factors is spousal murders and 88 per cent of Canadian women are killed with a shotgun or rifle.” Clearly 88% of Canadian women are not killed with a long gun. But I digress. I am confident that weapons in a domestic violence situation spells disaster for the woman. I believe that the registry is important to not only protect women but also first responders whether they be police, fire or paramedics. These people need to know what kind of situation awaits them. I think politicians have a responsibility to make prevent disaster if they can. In typical, histrionic fashion the Harper Conservatives are making this a wedge issue. As it stands now I believe there are 2 or 3 votes in favour of keeping the registry. If it is kept it is clear that politicians will need to address its flaws and streamline registration so that it is not onerous on the part of law-abiding citizens to register their guns.

Watching DWTS this season I need to know what Jennifer Grey did to her face? Seriously? WTF? She looks nothing like her former self in Dirty Dancing.

Well the first new series has been eliminated from our DVR recordings. Mike and Molly was so completely offensive that it lasted a grand total of 3 minutes. This was too bad because I really like the actor who was playing Molly. I liked her when she was Suki in the Gilmore Girls too. This is the first time I have watched a sitcom since Roseanne. Clearly there has not been any improvement.

Me to A when she got home: “Please give Molly the narcotic cough medicine cause I can’t take it anymore.”

*Here is the link

Dancing with the Stars Travesty

I am a latecomer to watching DTWS. I started late in the season when Kristy Yamiguchi won. I have been a convert ever since. I love learning about all the different dances and I especially love the skimpy, sexy costumes! The judges are hysterical and I think Len deserves danger pay for having to sit next to Bruno. Usually the competition proceeds in an orderly fashion and stars are eliminated based on ability.

There is something wonky this season. For some reason Ty Murray, dancing with Chelsie Hightower, is atrocious and still in the competition. He should have been eliminated 5 weeks ago. Last night, however, he stayed and Lil’ Kim went. There is no way Lil’ Kim should have gone. She has more dance ability in her baby finger than he has in his entire body. So why did this happen. I can’t imagine that there are that many rodeo fans who would be watching DWTS. Nor do I think it is Jewel fans keeping him in the competition. The only thing that could possible explain this is that Chelsie’s fans from SYTYCD have followed her to DWTS. If this is the case and if Ty wins this will be a blow for the show. It will completely lose credibility.

I know this is not all that serious, after all it is only a reality vehicle for has-been stars. However I think it is still valuable in that exposes a huge audience to ballroom and Latin dance. Who knows, maybe some young, future dancers will be inspired by this show. Each star brings their own demographic to the show and likely the show keep some of those viewers for subsequent seasons.

I was really sad to see Lil’ Kim go. I think she had a good chance of winning.