Day 177 – ‘the prednisone’ edition

So, I kind of forgot that they were giving me prednisone as a pre-med to guard against an allergic reaction along with 25 msg of Benadryl. Well, me and prednisone don’t get along very well. I have been up since 11 am and going strong all day. Tomorrow is going to kill me when I have to see our GP. Should be lots of fun.

I think I have reached a new level of geekdom. I hd to buy a new mechanical keyboard for my MacBook Pro in the living room. The membrane keyboard just doesn’t stand up. I have gotten used to the N-Key rollover. what this means is that if you are a fast typist, like I am, it will actually register all of your key strokes are entered. Anyway, the new keyboard will be nice. Here is a picture of it.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 8.13.46 PM
The best keyboard ever!
My current set up. Yuck!
Me today




Days since breast cancer diagnosis: 54