Uncharted Territory

I do not agree with much that is asserted in this post. However, I feel it is necessary and healthy that we see things we might not otherwise. I also have problems with this Committee to investigate Russia – it’s a cabal of rich, white men with a lot to lose. This segment of society is used to having things their way and they have benefited mightily from it.

I do agree with this one section:

“Fourth, the notion that “the free world is counting” on the US for leadership is moronic flag-waving, chest-pounding bullshit. I assure you that the free world is not counting on any such thing.”

The “We are at War” video, narrated by Morgan Freeman, the uncontested ‘voice of god,’ presents the ‘evidence’ to date about Russia hacking the 2016 US election with gravitas, fear and arrogance. He even gives Trump a script (which is kind of interesting if you think about it)!

America has always seen itself as a shining beacon on the hill of fucking democracy. They have carried out horrific acts against other countries all in the name of promoting it’s brand of democracy. Students of American foreign policy know that democracy is really code for economic interests. Most American foreign policy actions almost always have an economic goal. (The one exception is lame duck presidents who can’t do anything domestically: to wit – Bill Clinton and Bosnia, but I digress). The bottomline is that American democracy looks good on paper but right now (and for the last 3 or 4 presidents) has not been able to get much done that is meaningful. Instead, presidents are forced to find a way to deal with thorny issues through executive power. So, hate to say it America, you are not a shining model of democracy. Right now, your system of government seems to engender hate, vitriol and downright nastiness.

We are currently in uncharted territory politically. Globally, I do not remember a time where there has been so much abject desperation and human misery. From natural disasters: hurricanes, earthquakes and the ongoing human atrocities of war and genocide. We all have a responsibility to get out of our comfort zones and become informed. Read news that pisses you off but read it critically. Share it. Talk about it with your friends, neighbours and coworkers. And, above all else, ask questions.