Christmas Shopping Observations and other odds and sods

I am very lucky. I do not have to do a great deal of Christmas shopping. Deb takes care of all of our mutual shopping and for my family. That means that I really only have to shop for Deb. This year we have decided to get Kenwood GPS, iPod and bluetooth ready units installed in our vehicles. So, I really only had to do a little bit of shopping for her. I chose to do it today, yes the last weekend before Christmas.

I was prepared for crowds, not being able to move and definitely having trouble finding parking spots. I went to the first mall and I got a parking spot right away, even close to the door. The mall was far from packed. The only thing that made it look any different from other days were the extra kiosks in the mall. I did not have to put up with packed stores or crowded tills.

On to the second mall. I had to do some errands and then some grocery shopping. Again, I had no trouble parking and this mall actually closed at 6 pm. The stores were not packed – not even London Drugs. Then I went to Save-On and it wasn’t crowded either.

I have been to these malls during other Christmas Seasons and they have certainly been way more packed. I am guessing the economy is not as recovered as our politicians would have us all believe. It will be interesting to see what the actual retail numbers are when they come out in early 2010.

What else? Well my stamina is still not great. I was out shopping for about 3 hours and that was all I could take in terms of walking around. My pain level has been quite high – likely because my immune system is ramping up.  I see the colitis specialist at the end of January so I hope to have some answers by then. I will probably only get booked for another scope in reality.

I know that I rave about how much I am loving our little Zoe. Everyday, it is a little bit more. She is so good in many ways and so bratty in other ways:


  • She lets you groom her with no hassle – nails, hair, trimming etc. I have never seen a dog be so cooperative.
  • She is the best cuddle bug ever. She can lay flat on her back and fall asleep. I can move her and she does not wake up.
  • She gives the best dog kisses ever!
  • She is awesome at the park off-leash. She comes when she is called.
  • She loves her food and she eats really well.
  • Waking up with a cuddle from Zoe is the best!


  • She hates to go out to pee and she has to be put out.
  • She is obsessed with the guinea pigs. She jumps and barks at them. She stands on her hind legs for what seems like forever trying to see them. It is very cute.
  • When you call her she will decide if she is going to come. Sometimes she does, other times she does not.
  • She loves to lay on the tables but when she does she becomes crash the shihtzu pretty quickly.
  • She can be pretty sneaky. She once went out the front door while everyone was coming in. She barked pretty quickly to be let back in!