Dispatches from the Swamp –the ‘don’t eat the Chinese food’ edition

  • We have lived in Maple Ridge for almost 6 years. We tried most of the Chinese food restaurants in town and gave up as they were all uniformly bad. Yesterday, when we checked the mail, we got a menu for one we had tried before and saw it had been voted the best Asian food restaurant in MR for 8 years in a row. I am not sure where they find these people or who voted for them because the food was terrible. Our honey garlic ribs seemed to just have some V-H sauce poured over them. The green beans with beef in black bean sauce had been frozen. The beef was seriously mystery meat. The chow mein noodles looked like Mr. Noodles. You get the idea. A word of caution, don’t ever order Chinese food in Maple Ridge and especially don’t order from King’s Kitchen. It was so bad.
  • We seriously have the world’s worst neighbours. They blasted music all Friday and Saturday night. Then, this morning, they are up at the crack of dawn yelling at the dogs outside. They seem to spend a lot of time in their front yard where they yell at the dogs when they bark.[1] Their reaction to a barking dog is about the same as ours to potential aggression. I am not sure why they think this is ok. We hear them all the time. They are loud and obnoxious. At least once it gets hot we will have an air conditioner in that window and we will hear them less.
  • Tru is the strangest dog I have ever met. Her food choices are bizarre. She also does this other really strange thing – she chatters her teeth. The other day she was doing it and it seemed like she wanted to play – so Deb played with her. We also think she has been sent her by Madison to finish off the job of killing us. Tru is always in the way. And as you approach her and try to go around her she just gets more in your way.
  • Edith seems to be doing ok without Archie. She is louder and more demanding. She goes through a helluva a lot of greens for one guinea pig!


[1] This would be different from when they let their dogs bark non-stop in the backyard.

I have created a monster…!

The other day I noticed that the cat was interested in wet dog food. One of our dogs, Clio, is has always been very thin and we have been trying to see if she could gain some weight eating a high quality kibble and canned. She loves raw but she does not seem to get enough calories from it. Anyway, the cat seemed to want canned food so I bought her some. Within a very short amount of time (a little over a week) the cat has decided that she shall have her minions serve her wet food every evening. She will make my life miserable if I do not comply. So now I have to make sure I have wet cat food in the house or my life will not be worth living.

Clio - You can see how thin she is through her back end
The Cat - Bella

In other pet related news: Edith let me pick her up today. This is a major milestone for that little guinea pig. The last time we had to get her it was traumatic for both her and us. I did not hold her long because I did not want to upset her. She did not seem thrilled, hopefully over time she will like it more.